Posted by on Aug 23, 2018

It is the digital money created from the code. During the recent years, cryptocurrency has rapidly gained ground and understanding its use and value from the public. During early days it seems to be unfamiliar with everyone and some felt scary like a credit card. Nowadays many individuals are familiar with bitcoin, ether etc., cryptocurrency is using newer technology called“block technology” which keeps the currency and technology safe.

There are many types of cryptocurrency. Some of them are, bitcoin, Ethereum, dash, ripple, Dogecoin, etc, but crypto-currency is in a leading position. It is made in such a way that it cannot be a counter field or reversed arbitrarily by the tender as with credit card change back. There are nearly 1400 digital currencies exist in the market. It is free from the central government and monitored by the inter-protocol read more about crypto code.


  • Lower fees: transaction fees are lower with bitcoin when compare with a credit card, it eliminates the need for basic transaction charges.
  • It attracts a new customer: cryptocurrency transaction is technical irreversible and this makes them very attractive to merchants. The received funds are immediately
  • Instant payment/ immediate settlement: It has created and patented an instant payment notification system in which they will act as the trusted third party between the buyer and seller, and facilitate the transaction between
  • Go ahead for your competition: being an early investor for cryptocurrency you can gain a competitive advantage over your competition.

Some of the other benefits are no chance of identity theft.

Tips to be a smart crypto investor:

  1. Steps 1: There is one great reason to diversify of your portfolio with cryptocurrencies. If you like to buy much quantity of coins to increase the volume for future gains.
  2. Steps 2: Splitting your portfolio, different coins will reduce your risk, understand the strategy use your diversification with the intention to invest more.
  3. Steps 3: Understand the market value or cap is really more important than the price and don’t focus on an absolute

Conclusion: Once you started earned money in cryptocurrencies. The most important is your portfolio will be reached double or more than double value gains. The good amount of investment on your profits in cryptocurrencies wills the increasing market price overall and the market capitalization. The best idea you can suggest your friends and family to encourage to research about cryptocurrencies and you can also guide them to make more profits.